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For as long as I can remember, I have always been making – and as mud pies turned into clay pots, keeping my hands busy meant a happy and *almost* content me. In high school, I became intrigued by the potter’s wheel and the forgiving tactility of clay. From there, I began teaching myself the craft through watching YouTube videos. At the time, I had no idea what an important role pottery would play in my life.

Come summer of 2020, I had graduated from college with my BFA, moved across the country to San Diego, CA, and the Covid-19 pandemic had just begun. Jobs in my field were scarce so I went back to food service. All the while I was teaching large scale, wheel throwing lessons at various studios around the city, and making pottery from my studio apartment when time allowed. 

What began as an at-home pandemic pivot project, born out of necessity, quickly grew into something much more. 

Fast forward another few years, and I am no longer glazing pottery in my kitchen, transporting unfired pots wrapped in toilet paper an hour via bus, or packaging vases on a dog chewed coffee table.

Today I make and teach from my spacious, downtown, studio and storefront named Pinch. 

To learn more about Pinch, or take a lesson, checkout our website!

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