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Private Wheel Throwing Lessons
Adults (ages 16+)

Try a private six week pottery course! | customizable class schedule

1 hr 30 min             $400         Commercial Street

Service Description

Private Lessons - Adults (ages 16+) 

Once a week for 4 weeks | Customized schedule (message to book)

No Experience necessary!

Over the course of 4 weeks, you will be taught the fundamentals of wheel throwing, from wedging and centering, to pulling walls, trimming your vessel, and glazing. For those of you with past experience, lessons will be structured around your specific goals for the course, in an effort to build upon established skills.


Regardless of skill set, these lessons will be tailored to your specific interests, and move at your desired pace. You will receive 90 minutes of hands-on one on one instruction per class session. 


All tools and supplies will be provided, as well as a designated shelf for your works in progress. 

Each 4 week course includes one 25lb bag of cone 5 B-Mix, however, additional clay can be purchased for $25 a bag or $2.50 per individual pound.

The cost of firing your work is included and glazes are provided.

Course breakdown

Week 1

  • Studio, tools, and equipment overview

  • The timeline of pottery making

  • Wedging

  •  Centering, opening, wall formation/pulling

  • Removing your work from the wheel

  • Studio cleanup 

Week 2

  • Maintenance of works in progress

  •  Review centering, opening, wall formation/pulling

  • Shaping the walls

  • Exploration of pottery tools

  • Advanced techniques

  • Creating texture on the wheel

Week 3

  • Working with leather hard surfaces

  • Trimming techniques 

  •  Carving and adding surface detail

  • Pulling handles

  • Attaching hand-built details to your wares

  • Preparing your wares for their first firing

Week 4

  • Bisque firings vs. glaze firings

  • Applying wax resist on the wheel and freehand

  • What is glaze and how to work with it

  • The differences between underglaze, brush-on glaze, and dipping glaze

  • How to dip glaze your wares

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please contact us at least seven days prior to the start of your class/lesson.







Contact Details

3192 Commercial Street, San Diego, CA, USA

6039212670 (feel free to call or text!)

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