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Fruit Mug

Fruit Mug


This hand-painted, ceramic, strawberry mug was handcrafted on the potter's wheel, using a high quality stoneware clay that mimics porcelain. Craftsmanship is my primary focus, as I want to create long lasting functional artworks that spark joy with every use.

Each strawberry has been hand-painted using layered underglazes, making every strawberry uniquely different, but equally sweet. One cup holds approximately 8 ounces, and is 3.5” high by 3.5” wide at the widest part of the rim. Perfect for the beverage of your choice, water, tea, or even ice cream! They are truly made with love.

All tableware is food and dishwasher safe!*
Please note that while all pieces are as close to identical as possible, they of course have slight variations in size, glazing (i.e. drips, speckles, color gradients) etc.
All are imperfectly “perfect”. :)

*While all tableware is food and dishwasher safe, they are handcrafted wares. That said, washing by hand is the safest option as it will prevent potential warping, and ultimately extend the life of your pottery.

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